Monday, February 18, 2008

Keyless Keyboard

We all know this guy; he sits around looking busy, pounding his keyboard all day, but we know he's just using GTalk to woo women. We all hate that guy.

Here's how you can exact your revenge. Just replace the offender's keyboard with the orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard. This "keyboard" is two domes that slide into one of eight preconfigured positions each. Instead of typing normally, you have to move the domes - individually or simultaneously - to type. For example, moving both domes to the right simultaneously will type the letter Y.

A user would basically have to learn to type all over again, and you can have fun watching the serial chatter struggle with this. If you're willing to shell out close to Rs 16,000 ($399) for this weird gadget, you are certainly disabled, but not physically - perhaps a trip to a shrink is in order.

Visit if you wish to know more about this crazy gadget.

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