Saturday, January 05, 2008

Beyond the boundaries of Science

There's no question about it, many of us are intrigued by the uncanny. This fascination with all kinds of psychic phenomena seems to be deep-rooted in human nature. Although scientists continually debunk paranormal claims, they endure.


The oldest and best known of all such claims, spiritualism holds that people with special powers, known as mediums, can communicate with the spirits from another world. Mediums hold seances and, possessed by a spirit, bring back messages from the dead. Through mediums, the dead can respond to questions. Seances are often accompanied by such psychic phenomena as table rapping, furniture moving, and floating ectoplasm, indicating the presence of a spirit in the room.

Human aura

Believers in this theory say that everyone gives off a kind of radiation, an aura. There are people who claim that someone's aura is a visible emanation. The colour of an aura varies and has meaning. Violet, for example, signifies a person of deep spirituality whereas yellow indicates the opposite.


This concept is based on the belief that we are born with specific biorhythms, which influence our daily lives. Biorhythms run in cycles of 23 days for physical energy, 28 days for emotional well-being, and 33 days for intellectual skills. There 'ups' and 'down' within each cycle. If the deepest 'down' days of all 3 cycles should happen to coincide, it is best to spend the day in bed.

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Helen said...

Biorhythms are not "beyond the boundaries of science". It's actually scientific invention ...

Biorhythms were used 3000 years ago in Ancient China.
And they are used today, and ot only for fun! Look at