Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How To Watch Satellite TV On The Web

Ever wondered how to watch satellite TV on the web? This question could be puzzling for you. You are not alone as many people are searching online for answers to how they can watch satellite TV on the internet or on the web. There are three known ways to do so. This article would take you through and explain the three ways so that you can quickly know the benefits of each way to watch satellite TV on the web are and how they fare overall.

Satellite TV Online Streaming

This is the first way to watch satellite TV on the web. There are websites such as and that offer free TV for you. Satellite TV stations have taken their broadcasting online and you can have LIVE streaming video from some of these online web resources. In fact, it is not new for some TV viewers. While the channels available can fall within the range of hundreds, not all channels are viewer-worthy. At the same time, the stream of TV can be really slow because thousands of people are watching satellite TV on the web simultaneously. Some websites tend to be slow when they are taxed heavily on their server resources.

PCTV Cards

Using PCTV cards to watch satellite TV on the web is yet another method. It is not exactly new as this way to watch TV online has been around for a few years now. PCTV cards are cool and in most cases easy to install if you buy the external hardware. These cards come in both external and internal hardware versions. The external is a plug-and-play device that is connected to the USB port whereas the internal card requires a bit of technical know-how. You also need to be familiar with your PC components as it requires you to dismantle your computer and physically fix it within your CPU hard casing. PCTV cards are able to deliver a few hundred programs and the picture and sound quality are known to be good. However, getting such cards to watch satellite TV on the web is not cheap and can easily set you back by two to three hundred dollars.

PC Satellite TV Software

The third way to watch satellite TV on the web is somewhat revolutionary and is the latest development in satellite TV technology. PC satellite TV software is what people call software that allows you to watch satellite TV on the PC using web. Just like any other piece of software application, all you need to do is downloading and install it onto your computer. After that, click on a few buttons and start your search for a desired program of your choice. Of course, what comes next is you can sit back, relax and watch satellite TV on the web. It delivers more than a thousand channels from worldwide TV stations. Programs listed cover LIVE sports channels, TV and radio news, movies, TV shows, music videos, cartoons, foreign programs and more. Each piece of software costs no more than $50.

A quick comparison is made between the three methods to watch satellite TV on the web. The winner goes to PC satellite TV software. Granted that you can get free TV from online streaming, you have to contend with the inconsistent delivery of channels and poorer TV quality. PCTV cards still work well but are quickly losing out to PC satellite TV software in terms of program variety and pricing. It is little wonder why it is the favorite among TV viewers who want to catch a good TV program on the web.

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Ned Hughes said...

Thanks for the tips. You can really use computers for everything these days.

AmyMeacham said...

I watch more TV on my computer and don't even need cable.