Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ozaki NB001 - Portable Speaker Designed For Notebook

These two-channel speakers are specially designed for notebook users. Encased in a slim silver panel and weighing just 150 gm. the device can be clipped onto the top of a notebook, and it connects through the USB port. It draws power directly from the USB port, so there is no additional power adapter required. What's more, the bundled cable is detachable and retractable, reducing the tangle of wires you need to carry around.

The speaker configuration allows you to simulate a 5.1 channel surround effect, and you can also adjust the sound to recreate different environments such as a living room, a hall, and several others. Apart from the manual equaliser settings, you can also choose from a range of presets.

With 1W RMS output, the Ozaki NB001 speakers are not a match for the 5.1 speaker system you have at home, but are definitely better than most speakers integrated into notebooks today. The product is a worthy buy for executives who would, for example, like to enjoy their own music and movies in their hotel rooms while travelling.
Website : www.ozaki.us

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