Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Why not take antibiotics for every ailment? Because the more you take them, the more often bacteria may mutate into forms that are impervious to the medications. To deter the formation of such antibiotic-resistant bacteria, don't overuse antibiotics. Reseving them to knock out ailments that can't be cured otherwise helps to ensure that the medications will be effective when they are truly needed.

How to Protect Against the Overuse of Antibiotics

1. Remember; only bacterial infections can be cured by antibiotics, Viral infections, such as colds and flu, don't respond to them.

2. Beware of any doctor - called a jhola chhaap daktar (crook) in India - who prescribes a drug without firsthand knowledge of what is ailing you. If necessary, ask for tests that will justify the prescription.

3. When your doctor prescribes an antibiotic, ask for a narrow spectrum rather than a broad spectrum drug, if it will be as effective in curing your ailment.

4. When taking antibiotics, be sure to follow all the doctor's directions to the letter.

5. Never take antibiotics that are left over from a former illness.

6. Never take antibiotics that have been prescribed for someone else.

7. If your symptoms don't begin to clear up after several days of antiobiotic therapy, contact your doctor immediately.

8. Don't routinely take antibiotics to help prevent infection. (There are exceptions: antibiotics are often administered to individuals who are susceptible to bacterial infections, including patients who have undergone certain types of surgery and people who suffer from a chronic health condition, such as pulmonary illness or heart-valve disease.)

If your child is prone to ear infections, your doctor should prescribe antibiotics sparingly. This problem is one that is commonly linked to the overuse of antibiotics. Research has shown that in most cases ear infections, given time, tend to clear up without medication.

P.S. : This article is for your information only, consult your doctor first before taking any action.

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