Sunday, January 07, 2007

iPot: Internet-Enabled Hotpot

A Japanese company; Zojirushi Corporation, has developed the first Internet-enabled 'Hotpot'. The iPot monitors its usage statistics and then sends the data out wirelessly, informing others about your tea drinking habits. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond us, but one theory that's circulating the net seems to make a little sense: perhaps the iPot could be used to keep an eye on an elderly grand mother or grandfather - grandparents with regular tea drinking habits could be gifted one of these, and if the usage drops, or stops, you could set the iPot to contact you. Obviously, this would send you rushing over to make sure all was well, and check why grandma or grandpa missed their daily dose of tea or caffeine. Makes sense, right?

Just make sure to tell your grandparents to inform you if they leave town, or you are in for some worry.

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